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What is Designers’ Gouache?

Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache is a stunning collection of gouache paints that are ideal for professional illustrators and graphic artists. Specifically engineered to be used directly from the tube, Daler-Rowney’s Designers’ Gouache paint is an excellent option for any artistic project requiring opaque, full-bodied colour. 

Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache

Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache features high-quality pigment, which makes it an unbeatable choice for vivid illustrations. Though Daler-Rowney gouache performs exquisitely on its own, it can also be used in conjunction with transparent watercolours for a more delicate look. 

As the colours within the Daler-Rowney Professional Gouache paint set are fully intermixable, artists can achieve excellent colour matches time and again. With great tinting strength and high resistance to smudging and erasing, Daler-Rowney’s Designers’ Gouache produces elegant and purposeful work with every stroke.

In addition to the excellent opacity and full-bodied colour that Daler-Rowney Professional Gouache provides, artists will also enjoy the fine flowing texture on offer. With this seamless texture and excellent covering power, Daler-Rowney Gouache is a pleasure to use. 

Tools within the Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache collection

Artists can use the Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache with several tools depending on the task at hand. With equally effective outcomes possible with brushes, ruling pens, or airbrushes, the possibilities for artists are infinite. 

For a seamless result, consider pairing Daler-Rowney Professional Gouache with Daler-Rowney’s Sapphire brushes. Available in a large collection of head shapes, this durable set is ideal for artists looking to pair their gouache work with more affordable tools. 

Features of Designers’ Gouache

Fully intermixable

All paints within the Daler-Rowney Professional Gouache collection are fully intermixable, providing artists a variety of colour stories to choose from.

Easily paired with Daler-Rowney brushes and tools

All Designers’ Gouache paints pair perfectly with Daler-Rowney’s signature brush sets for the most seamless experience possible.

Made with fine Calcium Carbonate

Made using the finest Calcium Carbonate, the Daler-Rowney Gouache collection produces bold colour, which is ideal for decorative artists and illustrators.

Flowing texture

With a gorgeous flowing texture, Daler-Rowney Gouache is a pleasure to use.

Resistant to smudging and erasing

Resistant to both smudging and erasing, the Designers’ Gouache paint collection is ideal for artists with a keen eye for detail.

Bristlewhite - made in the UK

Made in England

The Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache collection is made in England for the ultimate in quality assurance.

Discover the Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache collection

Explore the full Daler-Rowney Designers’ Gouache collection prior to embarking on your next paint-based project. Offering artists bold colours and stunning textures, the Daler-Rowney Professional Gouache paint set is a wonderful choice for any artist who dares to be different.

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