Kandahar Ink Art Supplies


What is Kandahar?

Daler-Rowney Kandahar is a collection of stunning inks which flow elegantly from pen, brush, and airbrush. Designed specifically for illustration and mixed media work, Daler-Rowney Kandahar guarantees artists everywhere a bold and brilliant finish.

Daler-Rowney Kandahar Ink

Unlike other inks on the market, Daler-Rowney Kandahar drawing ink flows effortlessly from any tool. Offering unparalleled control to amateur and professional artists, the difference can be felt from the first stroke. Although the rich, black colour is one of the main appeals of the Daler-Rowney Kandahar Drawing Ink collection, it also provides artists with a finish that won’t fade. As Kandahar drawing ink does not discolour easily when exposed to direct light, it is ideal for artists who work extensively with watercolour. 

It is important to recognise that, unlike other drawing inks, Daler-Rowney Kandahar Ink is lightfast and therefore not waterproof. However, as it is water-resistant it can withstand a degree of splashing with no ill-effect. When used in conjunction with watercolour, artists can create unique mixed media effects with Kandahar Ink which catches the eye. The brilliance of Kandahar drawing ink works perfectly against washed backgrounds of watercolour, confidently adding detail and dimension to any project. 

The Daler-Rowney Kandahar Drawing Ink collection is available in 28ml bottles and is suitable for regular use on paper, card, and board. For delicate projects, narrow-tipped pens are recommended. Should you be looking to incorporate larger bands of colour into your work, application with thick brushes may prove more suitable.

Tools within the Daler-Rowney Kandahar Collection

Daler-Rowney Kandahar drawing ink pairs beautifully with Daler-Rowney Optima mixed media paper. With a heavy 250gsm weight, this high-quality paper allows artists to experiment with wet and dry techniques with ease. The light textured surface and acid-free paper provide the perfect base for artists working with watercolour and ink. 

Should you be searching for a watercolour set to use alongside Kandahar Ink, then the Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Collection is an excellent place to start. Milled beautifully for optimum performance, Aquafine Watercolour paints work harmoniously with most Daler-Rowney paper and ink products. 

Features of Kandahar Ink

Bold and brilliant colour

Daler-Rowney Kandahar drawing ink produces bold, brilliant colour and elevates any piece of work.


Although not waterproof, Kandahar Ink is water-resistant and splash-proof.

Lightfast Ink

Daler-Rowney Kandahar drawing ink is lightfast, meaning that its colour refuses to fade in even the brightest conditions.

Works with several tools

Kandahar drawing ink can be paired with several artist tools such as pens and airbrushes to achieve a unique and aesthetic result.

Pairs beautifully with other Daler-Rowney products

Kandahar Ink works in tandem with other Daler-Rowney items such as pads and paints for a seamless and cohesive finished product.

Bristlewhite - made in the UK

Made in England

All Kandahar Ink is made in England, proudly continuing the long heritage of Daler-Rowney manufacturing in the UK.

Discover the Daler-Rowney Kandahar collection

Explore the Daler-Rowney Kandahar collection in detail before undertaking your next ink-based project. Offering unmatched colour payoff, excellent flow, and minimal fading, Daler-Rowney Kandahar drawing ink is the perfect match for both amateur and professional illustrators and mixed media artists.