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Selecting the right colour art materials

Every artist needs the right art materials. Daler-Rowney uses the purest, ultra-fine pigments within the formulations of each of our paints and inks to give you the perfect art supplies. With these in hand, you’ll be ready to turn vision into creation and watch your artwork come alive.

From fine art to creative projects and illustrations, our art materials are ideal for mixed media and multi-technique applications, with colours crafted to surpass the highest standards of artists. Within our art supplies range, you’ll find a host of traditional and innovative acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolours and gouaches as well as a range of inks including calligraphy, screen printing ink and block printing inks.

Every paint and ink type is designed with versatility and performance in mind, allowing any and all artists to experiment as they please without compromising on colour or quality. Daler-Rowney has been manufacturing and continuously testing its formulations and colours in England since 1783 to deliver the art materials that our customers have come to know and love.

As you browse, you’ll discover our most classic collections that are made to suit the different stages of an artist’s journey, starting with Simply and ranging to Graduate, Georgian and Professionals.


Acrylic paint has a medium-heavy body and is fast-drying. When squeezed straight from the tube, our acrylic paints are thick in texture and opaque in appearance, delivering bold, strong colours that mix together seamlessly. Simply use water or a medium to add greater coverage and versatility.

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Artists like Van Gogh and Picasso used oil paints to create their masterpieces. Follow in their footsteps with our oil paint ranges. Rich pigmentation and longer drying times make for all kinds of interesting techniques, such as mixing on canvas and 3D impasto work.

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Watercolour paint delivers delicate washes, free-flowing colours and translucent tones. Our watercolour collections include palettes, half pans and tubes from the Simply, Aquafine and Artists’ ranges. Beginners through to professionals love to paint and play with the vivid hues in our ranges.

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Gouache paint is similar to watercolour in application, however, the added chalk within the pigments means it is more opaque, dries faster and is more reflective than watercolour. Daler-Rowney gouaches are available across three different ranges: Simply, Aquafine and Professional.

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Art inks are super versatile and can be used for writing, drawing, painting and to enhance artworks with added detail, colour and final touches. The Daler-Rowney range of art ink collection includes acrylic inks, calligraphy inks, drawing ink and even bleed-proof ink.

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Calligraphy Inks

Calligraphy ink supports and enhances the traditional art of calligraphy, but can also be used for illustration, mixed media and detailing because of the strength, fluidity and opacity of the formula. the Daler-Rowney calligraphy ink ranges are water-resistant or waterproof and pigment-based.

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Paint markers combine the formulation of inks and paints with the continuous line movement and flow of a marker. Our pre-filled paint markers come with rich acrylic colour and are ready to use. The refillable markers are empty with interchangeable nibs to fill with a colour of your choice.

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Screen Printing Inks

Daley-Rowney screen printing ink is strong, pigmented smooth and slow-drying, to deliver high-quality screen prints and longer working times. Our screen printing paint mediums allow for faster drying time, added gloss or thinning of the screen printing ink to make it go further.

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Block Printing Inks

Block painting is one of the most ancient forms of printing in the artworld. Our block printing inks are highly-pigmented for strong colour transfers and slow drying so you can work in your own time. The creamy formulation and smooth application highlights each detail of your block pattern.

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