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What is Daler-Rowney Goldfinger?

Daler-Rowney Goldfinger is a unique, all-purpose, rub-on metallic paste that offers the perfect solution for the restoration of antiques and gilding. True to its name, Goldfinger paste beautifully rejuvenates tired items for a professional finish which is second-to-none. 

Daler-Rowney Goldfinger

Unique to Daler-Rowney, Goldfinger metallic paste is an innovative tool that allows artists to restore work that appears otherwise irreparable. 

Available in five finishes (Antique Gold, Sovereign Gold, Green Gold, Copper, and Silver), artists and restorative painters will be able to select the perfect Daler-Rowney Goldfinger match for any antique piece. Goldfinger antique gold paste is particularly popular due to its vibrant appearance when dry. However, Daler-Rowney Goldfinger Silver is also a beautiful choice that restores silver antiques and frames to their former glory. 

Made from premium quality diacetone alcohol and ethanol, Daler-Rowney Goldfinger metallic paste can be used for long periods without drying out. This allows artists to take their time to achieve a glorious, finished product. Exceedingly easy to use, Goldfinger should be applied with a small cloth or finger and buffed to a fine lustre for a beautiful finish. 

Offering a distinctly professional finish that shows no signs of metallic particles or smears, Daler-Rowney Goldfinger paste is an excellent choice for both professional and amateur restorative work. Fit for use on a variety of surfaces, Goldfinger paint is also an excellent match for stencil work, plasterwork, wood decoration, textiles, leather design, and more. 

Tools within the Daler-Rowney Goldfinger collection

Although Goldfinger metallic paste is intended for restorative use, it can also be used in combination with Georgian Oil to add a glorious touch to your paintings. Daler-Rowney’s Georgian Oil Colour is made from hand-selected organic pigments, which meet the highest standards of durability. Ideal for use with brushes or palette knives, the incredible range of colours within the Georgian Oil collection beautifully supplement any restorative work. 

In addition to this, Daler-Rowney’s Georgian Oil Diluents, Mediums, and Varnishes allow artists to easily meld their Goldfinger gold paint to their desired consistency. As Daler-Rowney Goldfinger paste is thinnable with white spirit, artists can create a smooth and luxurious finish with ease. 

Should artists wish to enhance and preserve their restorative work or be working with difficult surfaces, Goldfinger can also be treated with Daler-Rowney Goldfinger Varnish for a more permanent finish.

Features of Goldfinger paints

Easy to use

Daler-Rowney Goldfinger paste is extremely easy to use, making any restorative work a breeze.

Ideal for restoration work

Daler-Rowney Goldfinger paint is ideal for restoration work and can assist with even the most difficult projects.


In addition to its restorative properties, Goldfinger paint is anti-smear and shows no signs of metallic particles when used.

Matching varnish available for an enhanced finish

Should artists be working with more difficult surfaces, they can use Daler-Rowney Goldfinger varnish for a beautiful, long-wearing finish.

Made with premium ingredients

Made using the finest quality diacetone alcohol and ethanol, Daler-Rowney Goldfinger paste can be used for long periods without drying out.

Bristlewhite - made in the UK

Made in England

All Daler-Rowney Goldfinger paints are made in England for a high-quality product that lasts.

Discover the Daler-Rowney Goldfinger collection

Explore the Daler-Rowney Goldfinger collection in detail before embarking on your next restoration project. Able to restore even the most worn antiques and frames to their former glory, Goldfinger metallic paste should have pride of place in any artist’s toolkit.

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