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How to use palette knives with Carole Jury

Step 1: Prime your canvas with a base colour of your choice or use white gesso primer to create an even surface with consistent coverage. Let your canvas dry.

Step 2: Add a layer of your most used colour in the picture in the colour category of your choice. Try to work on a wet surface. This will support creating movement and shapes with the palette knives.

Step 3: Get to know your palette knives' different shapes and the forms they can make. Fleck, press or swipe your palette knives on the canvas to create different patterns.

Step 4: Use smaller palette knives for a more detailed effect. Don’t forget to clean your palette knives after using them to have long-lasting fun with your materials.

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French born artist Carole Jury, who lives and work in Princeton (New Jersey) is both a photographer and an abstract painter and she combines the two medium of expression in her process, starting from photography and then transposing it to painting to create her series.