How to use palette knives with Carole Jury?

Step 1

Prime your canvas

Prime your canvas with a base colour of your choice or use white gesso primer to create an even surface with consistent coverage. Let your canvas dry.

Step 2

Add your main colour

Add a layer of your most used colour in the picture in the colour category of your choice. Try to work on a wet surface. This will support creating movement and shapes with the palette knives

Step 3

Fleck, press or swipe

Get to know your palette knives' different shapes and the forms they can make. Fleck, press or swipe your palette knives on the canvas to create different patterns.

Step 4

Create more details

Use smaller palette knives for a more detailed effect. 

Don’t forget to clean your palette knives after using to have long-lasting fun with your materials.

Palette Knives

Daler-Rowney offers a comprehensive range painting and palette knives of different shapes and sizes as well as sets of knives under System3 and Graduate.


Georgian Oil Diluents, Mediums and Varnishes

Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colour Varnishes, Mediums and Thinners provide all of the tools needed to continue creating easily. By its very nature, oil colour is incompatible with water and dissolves only in turpentine, white spirit or low-odour thinners.


Georgian Oil Colour

Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colours are made from carefully selected permanent, organic pigments ensuring the highest standards of durability, reliability, lightfastness and working properties. These rich, low-odour colours can be used directly from the tube with brush or knife, or thinned to create the finest of glazes.


About the artist

Carole Jury is both a photographer and an abstract painter who is known for her signature broad textured strokes.