Art Mediums

Selecting the right art mediums

Make the most of your paints with mediums! A medium is an art supply added to paint and can be used to change the rate of drying, thin it out to cover a greater surface, create interesting effects, change its texture or consistency and improve flow. Daler-Rowney offers mediums for acrylics, oils, watercolours and printing including in our Aquafine, Simply, Georgian, FW and System3 ranges.

With a wide range of mediums in hand, the number of possibilities available to artists is abundant. From myriad colour combinations to different types of fluidity and finish, our art materials have been designed to enhance and extend the art experience, unlocking all kinds of options to experiment and play with.

Our acrylic mediums mainly appear across our System3 range, the oil mediums are primarily in the Georgian range and the watercolour mediums in the Aquafine collection. The acrylic mediums collections offer different types of mediums for block printing, screen printing and textile printing as well as a more versatile set of acrylic mediums including a varnish, texture paste and decoupage for collages.

The Simply mediums complement the Simply range and can be used across acrylics, oils and watercolour paints to add a matt or gloss finish, create enhanced fluidity, and change the texture as well as for pouring and dipping techniques.

For Acrylics

When added to acrylic paint, acrylic mediums perform a host of tricks, all you to try all sorts of techniques and colour combinations. Our acrylic mediums offer sets that include varnishes, glosses and enhancements to change acrylic paints into high-performing inks.

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For Oils

By its very nature, oil colour is incompatible with water and dissolves only in turpentine, white spirit or low-odour thinners. Daler-Rowney oil mediums have been specially developed for water mixable oils and include diluents, varnishes and mediums to make the paint water mixable.

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For Watercolours

Daler-Rowney watercolour mediums allow artists to add variations, special effects and enhance their artwork. Our watercolour mediums increase the rate of drying time, add gloss and shine, improve flow and provide texture. Each one is suitable for beginners, students and professionals.

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For Printing

The Daler-Rowney printing mediums have been created to enhance block printing, screen printing and textile screen printing by turning acrylic and oil paints into high-performing printing inks. Our printing inks are available across three ranges: System3, Aquafine and Georgian Oil.

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For Pouring

Create fascinating fluid artwork and magnificent effects using acrylics or acrylic inks with pouring mediums. In addition the Daler-Rowney mediums for resin art have been developed to create an optically clear, high gloss finish resin art.

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