Artist Pencils

Our artist pencils and colouring pencils are suitable for those who’re seeking a sketching or colouring session or if you’re a professional artist looking for reliable, consistent and easy-to-use drawing supplies. Brighten up your pictures with our artist colouring pencils, which are known for their smooth, consistent performance and rich vibrant hues.

Our varying-sized colouring pencil sets are highly pigmented and come pre-sharpened, ready to use straight out of the packet. They come in primary, secondary and nuanced shades of colour, ensuring you can blend and block as you please and all our colour pencils are end-dipped to make identification even easier.

Our Simply sets include a versatile mixture of assorted colours and accessories for everything you might need during your session. The core within each colouring pencil is also coated in protecting varnish, making them break-resistant. The watercolour pencils are water-soluble, meaning they resemble watercolours when water is added to the page.

If you’re looking for artist pencils or an artist pencil set, our Simply sketching collections are awash with high-quality sketching pencils and accessories, such as erasers, sharpeners and even manikins. The ergonomic, triangle shape of the barrel makes for a day of comfortable writing and sketching. The smooth lead allows the artist to apply the amount of pressure they need and is easy to erase, so no markings are left on the page.