Artist Pencils

Artists' Watercolour Pencils use pigments chosen for their smooth, consistent performance and rich vibrant colour. Artists' Pastel Pencils are distinguished by their soft, oil-free stroke and lightfast, soluble pigments. The rich colours can be easily blended or smudged and can be sharpened to a point for fine detail. The pigments are encased in a solid, round wood barrel with a brown-stained, natural finish.

Both Artists' Watercolour and Pastels pencils have the same colour codes as Artists' Watercolour tubes and half-pans and Artists' Pastel sticks. eg. French Ultramarine's code 123 is consistent across all ranges. This means that they work beautifully as mixed media. Moreover there are four colours exclusive to the Artists' Watercolour Pencil range, and two colours exclusive to the Artists' Pastel Pencil range. All colour pencils are end-dipped to make identification even easier.