Block Printing & Painting

Block printing is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of printmaking in the artworld. Known to have started in China during the 7th century, the ancient art of block painting has been carried to the modern day and is used to create repeatable patterns, layers, overlays and to replicate the same style of image across multiple art materials and surfaces.

Whether used on woodcut or linocuts, the main goal of block printing paint art is to show off every intricacy and detail of the carved out shapes of the handmade block to ensure that even the finest carved lines are visible to the onlooker. Daler-Rowney block printing paint uses rich pigmentation for clear colour definition, great coverage and endless transfer opportunities.

Long drying times give maximum working time, so you can work with precision and without pressure. The creamy consistency within the formulation supports smooth application, delivering strong colour once pressed onto paper, card, fabric or canvas, making it ideal for printing letters, patterns and images.

Our block printing colours are also easily intermixable to give printmakers myriad colour choices. Our block print paint mediums can be used to make most paints such as oil paints suitable for block painting or speed up drying time so you can create multiple layers in one day.