Drawing Accessories | Art Supplies

Drawers and sketchers will find a host of helpful drawing accessories in our art supply ranges. Each set is designed to enhance your sketching session, with items to help you with your technique as well as keep your drawing tools sharp and ready to use. If you’re using an easel to sketch or drawer, make sure your paper stays in place in a vertical stance with a metal clip.

You’ll find this in our Simply Accessories set. Within this collection of drawing accessories, you’ll also find a wooden manikin, which is ideal for artists who are learning to draw the human form. With adjustable limbs, you can move the manikin into different poses, so you can practise sketching various positions.

If you paint as well as sketch, you’ll see that our drawing accessory sets also offer painting accessories, such as palette knives, watercolour sponges and both disposable tear-off palettes as well as permanent wooden and plastic palettes. Keep your sketches and drawing safe in an art portfolio or case.

Our extensive range of art luggage and folders are crafted to store your finished pieces, keeping them clean, dry and away from the elements, ready to be presented in a professional manner. Each portfolio or art folder is lightweight, portable and comes with a grip handle for easy carrying.