Mixed Media Artist Brushes

Whether you prefer to mix together multiple types of paint and ink in one painting or you simply dabble in all types of painting, you need a paintbrush collection that delivers every kind of stroke. Our mixed media artist brush ranges include brushes suitable for the most popular paints, inks and techniques, so you can experiment and play with many mediums using just one set. 

From short, soft brush heads that are made for painting the finest of details to thick, straight brushes that are perfect for backgrounds and washes, each artist brush set contains an art brush to give you maximum control over the weight and line of your painting.

The sleek, balanced handles have been designed ergonomically for a comfortable grip that won’t tire out your hand during a day of painting. Our Expression artist paint brushes are crafted using synthetic hair and filaments with differing thicknesses to deliver a controlled spring and fine point.

The Graduate brushes combine a mixture of varying brush heads and hair types, making them suitable for students wishing to paint watercolours, oils and acrylics. And our Sapphire range is a unique blend of mixed hair brushes with a wide choice of brush heads that can be used with most paints and inks.