Printing Mediums | Art Mediums

Turn paints into printing inks with our art mediums. The Daler-Rowney printing mediums have been created to enhance block printing, screen printing and textile screen printing as well as allowing artists to make their colours go further. Our printing mediums can be found throughout three of our ranges. The System3 range produces the main printing mediums in three variations. The System3 block printing medium turns acrylic paints into inks suitable for use with woodblocks and linocuts without losing the rich pigmentation and strong colour definition of the paint.

The System3 textile screen printing medium transforms acrylic paints into printing inks that are suitable for printing onto fabric while retaining their colour intensity. And the System3 screen printing medium makes vibrant ink that’s suitable for printing onto paper, card and board while increasing the drying time so artists can easily wash the ink from the screen.

Aquafine Block Printing Drier Medium speeds up the drying time of paints to reduce waiting time, optimise workflow and increase the number of layers an artist can create in a day’s work. The Georgian Oil Block Printing Medium is designed to be mixed with our Georgian Oil paints.

When mixed with oil paint, this medium will allow you to mix myriad colour options for your block printmaking. Once ready, the artist can then use the mixed oil-based substance to print onto canvas and other primed surfaces.