Palette Knives

A palette knife allows artists to keep their purest paint brushes clean and mix their paints without wasting any as none will get caught in the bristles. An artist's palette knife also allows the artist to apply all kinds of unique techniques to their paintings like impasto, sharp lines and expressive shapes. Whether you want to smooth your paint onto the surface or create short, repetitive marks, the varying cuts of palette knife blades are made to make every technique you want to try easy.

Palette knives are most suited to heavy-body paints like oils and acrylics, as they work best with the thick consistency of the formulation. For beginners, our Simply Accessories range includes a set of basic palette knives for students and hobbyists to experiment, play and learn with.

The Daler-Rowney palette knife collection has been designed for more experienced artists looking for an artist palette knife or a set to add to their accessories. The 32 individual palette knives come in various different shapes and sizes to offer their own characteristics, level of detail and technique.

Each palette knife from this range has been crafted using hand-forged steel, an acacia wood handle and brass ferrule, for an artist palette knife that will stand the test of time. The blades are flexible and resilient for ultimate control. You’ll find palette knife sets within the System3 and Graduate ranges.