FW Inks

Daler-Rowney FW is the brand of professional acrylic inks that provide fluidity and versatility to help artists express themselves. FW Artists’ Inks are a range of permanent, highly pigmented professional inks complemented by a comprehensive collection of FW Mixed Media Markers.

  • Highly pigmented acrylic inks. Available as standard colours, neon and pearlescent.
  • Fluide and versatile: can be used with a brush, from the pipette and with airbrush.
  • Assortment of inks, markers, nibs and pouring medium.
  • Colours made in England.

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Daler-Rowney FW Artists' Inks are highly pigmented inks that can be applied with airbrushes, technical pens or traditional brushes, making them ideal art supplies for producing technical illustrations and finely worked drawings. They lend themselves equally well to clearly defined line work or broad washes of subtle, water-resistant colour (on most surfaces). FW Pearlescent colours can also be used to dazzling effect, especially where highly decorative elements are required to illuminate basic letter forms. Pearlescent inks can also be used to add shimmer and shine to decorative arts such as greeting cards, seasonal decorations, mounts and frames. Daler-Rowney FW Mixed Media Paint Markers are refillable markers which can be used with a wide variety of liquid media such as acrylic inks like FW Acrylic inks, watercolour paints or drawing inks, or filled with water for use as a blender of watercolour pencils. The empty FW Mixed Media Markers can therefore create unlimited individual colours through mixing and dilution.