Daler-Rowney launched Graduate to fulfil all the needs of beginners and art students, from oil and acrylic colours to a variety of papers and brushes. Graduate art supplies bring value to tradition.

  • Performant and affordable.
  • Suitable for traditional, mixed media and urban techniques.
  • Colours and papers made in England.
  • Handmade brushes designed in England.

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Graduate Oil Colours are traditionally crafted with a soft buttery consistency and high pigment loading. Graduate Acrylic colours are of good pigment strength and flow easily across paper and primed surfaces or canvas, indoors or outdoors. The range of Graduate Brushes includes brushes with natural, synthetic and blends of natural and synthetic hairs, different head shapes and a variety of sizes, both with long and short handles offering choice for acrylic, oil and watercolour painting. The assortment extends to XL brushes which are suitable for traditional, mixed media and urban techniques.

The Graduate range also offers papers, mountboards, portfolios and artcases.