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What is the Graduate Collection?

The Graduate collection is specifically designed to meet the needs of beginner artists and students who want to practice and perfect their skills.

Daler-Rowney Graduate Oil paint is traditionally crafted with a soft buttery consistency and high pigment loading. The rich colours are easy to mix and offer high permanence, while the excellent lightfastness preserves paintings once finished. Graduate Oil paint is suitable for smooth brush techniques as well as impasto, allowing artists to practice a range of oil paint techniques.

Graduate Acrylic colours are of good pigment strength and flow easily across paper and primed surfaces or canvas, indoors or outdoors. Benefitting from the quintessential acrylic paint features, they are water-based, smooth and mix well together. Their fast-drying nature also makes it easy for students to store their work shortly after they’ve been completed.

Graduate Watercolours are brilliant, intense and transparent watercolours with excellent working properties. The colours are free-flowing and create beautiful and delicate washes.

The collection of Graduate Brushes includes brushes with natural, synthetic and blended hairs as well as different head shapes and a variety of sizes. You’ll find both long and short handles, offering choices for painting with Graduate oil paint, acrylic and watercolours. The Graduate brush collection extends to XL brushes, too, which are suitable for large-format painting, such as oversized canvases, murals and home decorating. 

The Graduate collection also offers economic mountboards for mounting or framing artwork, photography, modelling, and school or college project work. To ensure your designs are always safe and protected, you’ll find sturdy and weatherproof portfolios and art cases that allow artists to transport their pieces with ease.

Papers and sketchbooks in practical sizes and varying weights from Canson, suitable for every use including sketching, drawing, mixed media, technical, and painting complete the surfaces available in the Graduation collection. Whilst markers, fineliners, and graphite, watercolour & colouring pencils from Lyra complete the drawing, technical & sketching essentials in the collection.

Whether you’re honing your craft, completing an art course or presenting your work, the Graduate collection will help you master your skills with dependable projects at a modest price. 

Graduate features


Combines professional quality with excellent value for money for a collection that students can appreciate.


Consistency remains at the core of the Graduate colours to ensure they meet expectation every time.

Easy to use

Everything in the Graduate collection is accessible, making practising to perfection simple and enjoyable.

Ideal for students and beginners

Designed for those starting and improving their artistic journey, whether at home or in classes.

Multi-media products

From acrylics to oils and watercolours, the Graduate collection has colours and brushes to suit you.

Made in England

The Graduate oil paint and acrylics are proudly crafted in the United Kingdom.

Explore the full Graduate collection

The complete Graduate collection includes everything a budding artist or student needs to create, enhance, store and present their artwork proudly and professionally. Discover the full collection of Graduate pads developed by our partner Canson, as well as, the drawing and sketching essentials developed by Lyra to complete your assortment!

Graduate products from Canson and Lyra

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