Multi-Technique Inks

Art ink is a far more versatile art material than you might imagine. When used correctly, inks can be used in writing, drawing, painting and to enhance artworks with added detail, colour and final touches. They lend themselves equally well to defined linework or broad washes of colour. The Daler-Rowney range of art ink collection includes acrylic inks, calligraphy inks, drawing ink and even bleed-proof ink. Art inks can be used with a wide variety of art supplies including brushes, pens and airbrushes as well as technical pens and paint markers for some ranges, such as watercolour ink.

Artists, hobbyists and calligraphers can use inks straight out of the pot for the most intensity and opacity, thinned with mediums or water for a diluted and transparent effect or used subtly, adding colour to fine art paintings and illustrations.

The formulation requires a smoothness to deliver the fluidity that art inks are famous for. Every Daler-Rowney art ink is crafted to ensure every movement flows easily, allowing you to fully express yourself as an artist. For application, all you need is some crisp ink paper.

The smoother your paper, the more effortless and polished your lines will be, however, opting for something textured will give the finished product a rustic element. Our ink papers come in a variety of weights – we’d recommend thicker paper for washing and diluting with art inks.