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What is the Artists' collection?

The Daler-Rowney Artists' Collection is an exquisite collection of art materials which are manufactured to the highest quality. Offering everything from outstanding paints to traditional colours, papers and canvases, the Daler-Rowney Artists' collection promises perfection with every project. 

Daler-Rowney Artists' collection

Professional artists require the finest tools, and each product within Daler-Rowney’s Artists' collection has been crafted using traditional methods. Created with the artist in mind, each pastel, paint, and oil product within the Daler-Rowney Artists' collection is highly pigmented and designed to withstand years of use. 

Some of the finest products in the Daler-Rowney Artists' collection are the Professional Artists' Watercolours. Made with triple-milled pigments, these exceptional paints are sure to surpass the expectations of even the most experienced artists. In addition to their excellent pigment, Daler-Rowney Artists' Watercolours also possess a great mixing ability and pronounced colour intensity, giving artists the opportunity to experiment with shade and depth. 

For artists requiring greater covering power than Artists' Watercolour can offer, the Artists' Oil paint collection is ideal. With a thick, buttery consistency that moves with ease, Artists' Oil colours are a pleasure to use. 

Artists working extensively with charcoal will appreciate the Daler-Rowney Artists’ Charcoal collection. Made using the finest willow, Artists' Charcoal produces a deep black hue which appears striking on canvas and paper surfaces. Conscious artists will also appreciate Daler-Rowney’s commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly production techniques for this collection. 

Tools within the Daler-Rowney Artists' collection

An excellent base for any project is the Artists' Stretched Canvas. Made from 100% cotton, these high-quality, 350gsm canvases have been triple-primed to provide a ready-to-use surface for oil and acrylic work. To ensure stability when painting, each Artists' Canvas also features sturdy wooden wedges to allow the artist to adjust tension as needed. Due to its heavyweight, medium-grain surface, each Artists' Canvas thoroughly resists seepage and bleeding.

Artists' features

Made using traditional methods

Each product within the Daler-Rowney Artists' collection is crafted using traditional methods which have been used by the company since 1783.

Made in England

All items from the Daler-Rowney Artists' collection are made in England for the ultimate in quality assurance.

Highest performing pigments

Daler-Rowney Artists' Oils, Artists' Acrylics, and Artists' Watercolours are made using the highest performing pigments and always produce excellent results.

Wide variety

The Daler-Rowney Artists' collection offers an incredible variety of tools to complete any project with ease.

Triple-primed canvases

The Artists' Canvas collection provides the perfect ready-to-use base for artists requiring a deep canvas without visual tacking.

Perfect for use on the go

Daler-Rowney Artists' Pastels are ideal for use on the go, as they are easy to transport and are designed for quick, dynamic drawing.

Discover the Daler-Rowney Artists' collection

Explore the Daler-Rowney Artists' collection in detail before starting your next project. Offering artists ease of use, high-quality products, and incredible depth of colour, the Daler-Rowney Artists' collection deserves a place in every artist’s toolkit.

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