Acrylic Mediums | Art Mediums

Acrylic mediums are art mediums allowing you to make the most of your acrylic paints. When added to acrylic paint, acrylic mediums perform a host of tricks, enhancing your painting experience so you can try all sorts of techniques and colour combinations. System3 mediums can be mixed with the System3 Acrylic Paints to enhance the benefits of acrylics and allow you to achieve special effects.

This set includes a Gesso to increase the covering power of your paints, a clear gloss for collage and craft works, matt and gloss varnishes and a texture paste. The Simply Mediums complement acrylic paints along with oils and watercolours.

These mediums work particularly well within the acrylic range and can be used to change the texture or fluidity of the paint, add a gloss or matt finish, as well as for pouring or dipping techniques. Daler-Rowney also has a host of other System3 acrylic mediums that are suitable for block printing, screen printing and textile printing.

The screen printing medium turns acrylic paint into vibrant screen printing ink, which can then be used on card, paper and board. It also increases the drying time so you can easily wash the ink out of the screen. The textile medium makes acrylic paints suitable for printing on fabrics while keeping the colour intensity and the block printing medium gives strong colour definition.