Gouache Paint

Gouache paint is water-based art material and contains the same ingredients as watercolours with the addition of chalk to the pigments, making it more opaque. Not only does it dry faster than watercolour, but it is also denser and more reflective. Applied without water, gouaches will appear in their most opaque form. To dilute the colour, simply add more water and watch as the shade becomes increasingly transparent.

The added opacity of gouache paint means you can work both light-to-dark and dark-to-light, with the option to layer shades over each other easily. Keep in mind that the colours may change upon drying, with light shades appearing darker and vice versa. To reactivate the paint, simply add water either on your mixing palette or paper and continue working on your gouache painting.

Combined with watercolours, the colour of your gouache paint can appear more pastel-like and diluted, extending the versatility of any range you buy. You can also use some of the same techniques used with watercolours such as glazing and lifting with gouaches. Daler-Rowney gouaches are available across three different ranges: Simply, Aquafine and Professional.

Beginners and students will find the Simply collection ideal for experimenting with gouache paint. Aquafine Gouache uses high-quality pigments to offer a colour intensive collection. The Professional Designers’ Gouache is mainly used by professional designers working on illustrations for graphic production as well as fine art painting.