Mixed Media Art Paper

Mixed media art paper and canvas present a world of versatility for you to play with various techniques on one surface. For experimenting with wet and dry techniques, opt for our Optima Mixed Media paper. Each pad is heavyweight, durable and acid-free, ideal for mixed media, collage and journaling. The Mixed Media canvas range is crafted with a rigid surface making them perfect for techniques such as screen printing and paint pouring.

Daler-Rowney coloured paper and card come in an array of brilliant colours with a matt finish. Available in either sheets or pads, this easy-to-cut paper and card can be used in arts, crafts and to present work. We also have a selection of paper for unique purposes, such as manila stencil paper and Manga paper.

Once you’re finished with your mixed media artwork, protect it with our line and washboards. Available in various sizes, these sturdy and durable boards are covered with watercolour paper to preserve your work and prevent discolouration.

To relax and unwind while creating something beautiful, our selection of art therapy books is designed to calm the mind through the therapeutic act of colouring. Fill in the intricate patterns with hues of your choosing and watch these books come to life.