Simply Soft Pastels

Daler-Rowney Simply Soft Pastels are easy to use and blend. These high-quality, affordable art pastels have flat edges to allow the artist more control.

  • Velvet smooth mark.
  • Form in consistency.
  • Non-toxic and ideal for all levels of artists and crafters.
  • Easy-to-use.

Start with soft pastels.

The versatile Daler-Rowney Simply Pastels Set makes it easy to achieve any combination of shapes and shades! These Simply Oil and Soft Pastels can be used directly on a wide variety of substrates. They are non-toxic and ideal for all levels of artists and crafters.

A velvet smooth mark.

Simply Pastels are characterised by a velvet smooth mark. Firm in consistency, these pastels can be used to produce broad, flat areas of colour and detailed line work with equal success. Create artwork with beautifully defined lines and smooth shades with the Daler-Rowney Simply Pastel Set!

Simply Soft Pastels Safety Data Sheet - EN