Oil Paint

Follow in the footsteps of artists like Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso with oil paint – their preferred medium of choice. Oil paint is a highly-pigmented art material, more resistant to fading than other paints and allows you more time to get your artwork right with longer drying times than acrylics or watercolours.

Once applied, oil paints will stay true to their colour, even after drying. Daler-Rowney produces three major oil paint colour ranges – Artists’, Georgian and Graduate oils. Graduate oil paint sets are easy-to-use, mix well and provide performance, making them best for beginners and hobbyists looking for reliable art supplies

Our Georgian range makes oil painting easier, with both traditional oil paint sets and water-mixable oil paints, which don’t require special thinning agents such as turpentine. The Artists’ collection has been crafted for professionals who know their way around a painting knife as the thick texture of this range is ideal for impasto. Each range is continuously tested for consistency of tint and texture, to make sure we always deliver top-quality oil paint sets.

The precise combination of oil content and high-quality pigment within the formulation of Daler-Rowney each oil paint are what gives the accuracy of colour and strength of tint that they have become famed for. The pigments are ground as finely as possible to achieve complete dispersion, releasing a full intensity of colour and creating a firm, but smooth texture.