Daler-Rowney Palette Knives

Daler-Rowney offers a comprehensive range painting and palette knives of different shapes and sizes as well as sets of knives under System3 and Graduate.

  • Hand forged steel.
  • Extremely flexible blades.
  • Available in sets.
  • Made in Italy.

Forged steel with FSC® (FSC-C111372) certified wood handle

Daler-Rowney offers a comprehensive range of 32 painting and palette knives as well as 2 sets of knives. The 32 individual painting knives are made in Italy from the very best polished, hand forged steel, with a stylish Sapelli FSC® (FSC-C111372) certified wood handle and brass ferrule.

Optimum flexibility

The blades are exceptionally resilient and sensitive, guaranteeing accurate control, they also ensure optimum constant flexibility. Each Daler-Rowney palette knives consists of different shapes and characteristics.

Daler-Rowney also offers 2 sets of knives.

Daler-Rowney System3 painting knives set which contains 7 knives of different shapes and rubber handle for perfect grip within a zip case.
Daler-Rowney Graduate painting knives set containing 6 knives.