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What is Murano paper?

Daler-Rowney Murano redefines traditional pastel paper with its excellent cotton content and incredible textured surface. Providing artists with a high-quality and luxurious product is an ideal choice for both professional and amateur artists who wish to take their work to the next level. 

Daler-Rowney Murano paper

Using the right paper can make or break a project, so selecting the right base for a piece of work is crucial. Charcoal, pastel, pencil, and ink all shine when paired with Daler-Rowney Murano paper, and it remains an excellent option for artists and crafters working with fine art applications. 

Weighing a substantial 160gsm, and featuring high cotton content, Murano provides artists with an unbeatable surface to work with. In addition to pastel, pencil, and charcoal work, Daler-Rowney Murano also works well for artists wishing to experiment with cardmaking and memory-booking. 

With 35 incredible colours to choose from, the possibilities with Daler-Rowney Murano pastel paper are limitless. 

Murano paper is also available in a collection of pads. These pads come in Neutral, Cool and Warm shades. With 6 tones present in each pad, artists can match each project with a perfect base depending on the colour palette they wish to use. All Daler-Rowney Murano paper is textured and acid-free, and whether artists favour opulent Cobalt paper (011) or the more neutral Stone (031) or Lily (046) shades, the result is sure to be unsurpassed.

Tools within the Daler-Rowney Murano collection

Daler-Rowney’s Kandahar Indian Ink pairs beautifully with the Murano paper collection. Due to its rich and vibrant colour, it provides a stark contrast to any of the Daler-Rowney Murano shades. Should artists be more interested in delicate calligraphy work, they may wish to invest in Daler-Rowney’s Calli Ink. Though Daler-Rowney Calligraphy Paper may be more suitable for this artistic practice, Murano paper provides an interesting textured surface that is perfect for artists who wish to experiment with mixed-media or illustration. 

Features of Murano art paper

35 colours to choose from

With both bright and neutral colours on offer, artists can create radiant work with ease.

Textured and acid-free

Both textured and acid-free, Daler-Rowney Murano pastel paper offers artists the ultimate in brilliance.

High weight paper

Daler-Rowney Murano paper has a weight of 160gsm, making it perfect for even the heaviest inkwork.

Luxurious feel

Due to its naturally textured surface and cotton content, Daler-Rowney Murano pastel paper feels luxurious to use.

Bristlewhite - made in the UK

Made in England

All Daler-Rowney Murano paper is manufactured in England to provide artists quality that they can rely on use after use.

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Discover the Daler-Rowney Murano collection in detail before undertaking your next paper-based project. Whether you’re looking to create a paper collage or beautiful sketch work, Murano paper is sure to act as the perfect base. 

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