Watercolour Mediums | Art Mediums

Unlock the power of your watercolours and make your paint go further with our art mediums. Daler-Rowney watercolour mediums provide watercolourists with an array of opportunities to add variations, special effects and enhance their painting experience. Our watercolour mediums are designed to increase the rate of drying time, add gloss and shine, improve the fluidity of the paint or provide texture. Our watercolour mediums can be found within two of our ranges: Aquafine and Simply.

The Aquafine mediums set consists of four different types of medium, each crafted to perform a specific enhancement. You’ll find an art masking fluid to create white highlights, an ox gall solution to increase the flow of the watercolour, gum arabic to increase the transparency as well as a gloss varnish to make pictures and posters shine.

The Simply Mediums complement watercolour paints along with acrylics and oils. These mediums work particularly well with the Simply range and can be used for pouring or dipping techniques, to add a gloss or matt finish as well as change the texture or fluidity of the paint.

Our mediums are suitable for beginners, students and professionals who wish to experiment, play, boost how much their watercolours can do or add the final finishing touch to their artwork.