Charcoal Art Pencils

Art charcoal is mainly used for quick sketches and life drawing because of the speed at which it can capture details and depth. From bold and thick to light and subtle lines, charcoal sticks allow artists to experiment with different pressures, producing hard and soft lines depending on how much the artist presses on the surface. Charcoal pencils are less messy than charcoal sticks and offer more control, but are able to still deliver intense black colour.

Some find charcoal pencils easier to use as they allow more grip. Daler-Rowney Artists’ Charcoal sticks are crafted from the finest willow, which presents a smooth mark and showcases the dark black hue. Artists can expect a consistent experience with Daler-Rowney drawing supplies,  drawing and sketching with uniform texture and smooth yet durable consistency.

The willow charcoal sticks are available in different sizes including think, medium and chunky as well as versatile packets that include an assortment of weights. Each charcoal stick set is also packaged in tissue and packed into a handy box with a pull-out draw for easy storage and access.

Our Simply range of charcoal pencils and sticks allows beginners and hobbyists to experiment with this technique. The charcoal art tools that we make are produced using traditional and innovative techniques, making sure to keep environmental concerns at the forefront of our charcoal production.