Daler-Rowney Table Easels

Daler-Rowney offers a comprehensive range of table easels made of 100% FSC oiled beechwood. Table Easels are very portable easels ideal for artists who work in small scale.

  • Table easels.
  • Ideal for use with small canvases and paper pads.
  • Lightweight and easy to store. From 1.6 to 2.6kg.
  • Hold canvases and pads up to to A3.
  • Made of FSC oiled beechwood.

Made of FSC oiled beechwood.

Daler-Rowney range of table easels consists of 4 FSC oiled beechwood easels which are lightweight, portable, easy to store and therefore ideal for use in small space and with small canvases or paper pads.

Table easels.

  • Lincoln easel: a H-frame table easel.
  • Lincoln lutrin easel: ideal for watercolour painting.
  • Edinburgh box table easel: perfect to store art tools like colours and brushes.
  • The Daler-Rowney exclusive Artsphere: offers a unique ball and socket joint that allows a detachable drawing board to move in any direction (worldwide exclusivity).