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What are Ebony Sketchbooks?

Sketchbooks have been a constant and essential companion for artists throughout the years. Like many prominent artists before him, John Howe uses Ebony as a medium for his amazing talent on his many travels around the globe. His pieces of art for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have come alive on the pages of an Ebony sketchbook. In his own words: “They are quite simply the best sketchbooks I have ever owned”.

The Ebony collection offers artists and students an affordable yet professional selection of hardback sketchbooks. Each book features premium quality, crisp 160gsm cartridge paper, which is available in either natural white or black. This beautiful paper is excellent for a variety of traditional sketching techniques, from pencil and charcoal to pen and ink, but the generous weight also takes light watercolour, collage and mixed media work extremely well. Each acid-free, FSC® (FSC-C111372) certified page is free from optical brighteners to ensure that it retains its natural hue and does not discolour over time.

A stylish yet durable hardback cover protects artwork from damage that can occur during travel or general wear and tear, keeping precious designs preserved and secure. If you prefer the option of laying your sketchbook completely flat, you’ll also find a selection of spiral-bound sketchbooks that allow you to turn individual pages autonomously as well as their traditional perfect-bound counterparts.

Available in a choice of A sizes from A6 up to A3 with portrait and landscape options, as well as square sizes, artists have the opportunity to create everything from detailed fine art to larger-scale sketches in their preferred format.

Features of Ebony sketchbooks

Wide range of sizes

Ebony sketchbooks come in all the sizes an artist might need, including A6, A5, A4 and A3, in both landscape and portrait formats.

Hardback covers

The stylish, textured black hardback cover is designed to preserve work and keep it safe from rips, tears or damage.

Suitable for dry techniques

The smooth, natural white cartridge paper enhances pencil, pen and ink and light watercolour wash work.

Acid-free paper

The neutral PH of the paper helps to prevent discolouration and fading, ensuring your creations are permanent.

Top of the range paper

The top of the range cartridge Ebony paper allows for light washes without puckering.

Made in England

Ebony products are proudly manufactured in England.

Start sketching with Ebony

Begin your visual and artistic journey with the stylish Ebony sketchbooks. Explore the whole collection of hardback and spiral sketchbooks here and share your work with #EbonySketchbook.

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