The art of calligraphy requires specially designed inks. Calli is the range of acrylic-based inks by Daler-Rowney optimised to have the perfect flow for calligraphy.

  • Pigment-based inks.
  • High permanence.
  • Non-clogging, excellent flow.
  • Waterproof.
  • Ideal for traditional calligraphy.
  • Made in England.

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Daler-Rowney Calli is an acrylic-based range of pigmented, water-resistant inks, designed specially for use in calligraphy, where optimum flow characteristics from the pen or brush are essential. Calli Ink is perfect for beginners and professionals alike, giving you acrylic-based, waterproof pigmented ink. The ink has excellent flow for use in your calligraphy work and excellent colour strength on the page. These 29.5ml bottles are the perfect size for frequent use. Put your calligraphy pen to paper and create unique lettering by hand.