Paint Markers

If you love the formulation of your ink and paint art materials but prefer the continuous line movement and flow of a marker, why not try the Daler-Rowney paint markers. We have two types of paint markers, pre-filled and refillable. Our acrylic paint markers come pre-filled with rich acrylic colour and are ready to use right out of the pack. The refillable art markers consist of empty tubes and a screw top lid with an interchangeable nib.

You can fill the tube with most inks and paints including gouaches and watercolours as well as Indian, acrylic and drawing ink. From 1-2mm for utter precision all the way up to 15mm, the interchangeable paint marker’s nibs come in a host of different sizes.

To add to the versatility, take your pick from the shapes on offer including technical, round, chisel, hard point and flat. Once you’re done with one colour or medium you can clean the tube and pour another ink or paint into the art marker. You can even store the ink and paint in the marker for the next time you want to use it.

Each paint marker comes with two ball bearings inside the tube. All you have to do to keep things fresh is leave the lid screwed on tightly to avoid the nib, ink or paint drying out and then once you’re ready to use the paint marker just give it a good shake and the ball bearings will reawaken the formulation.