Acrylic Paint Brushes

Daler-Rowney acrylic paint brushes are stiff, durable and resilient in order to manipulate the heavy-body colour, mixture and application of acrylic paints as well as the quick-drying nature of the paint. The smooth, ergonomic paint brush handles have been crafted to make sure you can paint comfortably for hours, with short and long handles available depending on your preference. Our softer bristle brush heads can be used for acrylic painting, however, these are better suited to large washes and sweeping colours.

Across our acrylic paint brush collections you’ll find the eight main types of brush head: round, pointed broad, flat, bright, filbert, angular flat, fan and detail round. From detailing and touching up to background strokes and impasto, the sizes and shapes of our acrylic paint brushes have been specially picked to suit every kind of brushstroke.

Our Simply acrylic collection is the best acrylic paint brushes for beginners and hobbyists, while students and experimentalists will find acrylic paint brushes within the Graduate range.

Our Cryla and System3 sets have been crafted specifically for acrylic painting, while some of our more versatile paint brush sets, like our Dalon and Sapphire brushes, can also be used with oil and watercolour paints. Our Graduate XL range has been designed for large canvases, long surfaces and mural painting.