Specialist Art Papers

Artists who want to experiment with unique mediums and play with different techniques will discover a host of exciting specialist art papers within our collections. Whether you want to try tracing, stencilling, technical drawing, calligraphy or simply experiment with niche painting and drawing, you’ll find the art paper you need in our specialist ranges. The Graphic Series paper set features a huge variety of high-quality paper that ranges in weights from 45gsm to 250gsm and can be used for both traditional and specialist techniques.

Within the selection, you’ll find five types of paper. The Bristol paper can be used for pencils, paint, ink and pen and technical pen. The Drawing paper can be used for drawing media, light painting, pencil and pastels.

The Layout pads are perfect for graphite sketches, marker-pen illustrations, calligraphy or technical drawings. And finally, the Tracing pads and bleed-proof Marker paper. Our Oiled Manila Stencil Paper is water-resistant, tough and durable. Artists stencilling with this paper will find it works much better when using inks, paints and other liquids.

Daler-Rowney Black and White Foam boards are used for model making, mock-ups, presentation, picture framing, screen printing as well as hobbies and crafts. They are rigid, lightweight and easy to cut.