Art paper

Selecting the right art paper or surface

Combined with the myriad mediums on offer, different art surfaces can change a piece of artwork dramatically. Daler-Rowney has a worldwide reputation as a provider of the finest art supplies, art paper and canvas, supporting beginners and professional artists throughout every step of their artistic journey with the material they need to turn a blank surface into a masterpiece. Our collection of artist paper includes different weights and textures, with each range tailored for a varying type of technique including drawing, sketching, pastel, acrylic, oil and watercolour.

We also offer ranges that are made for more unique techniques, such as manila stencil paper and manga paper. Each piece of our art paper is designed to support the colour, consistency and formulation of the paint or ink that it’s made for while enhancing the colour and intensity.

Each of our canvases is crafted from pure cotton, with a medium grain finish and is triple primed, so they’re ready to use with acrylic paints and oils. Our plain canvas collections span three of our ranges: Simply, Artists’ and FW Mixed Media. From long and rectangular to small and square, artists will be able to find the perfect canvas size and shape from the extensive heights and widths on offer.

The Daler-Rowney coloured paper, card and mountboards are designed for presenting work in a stylish and professional manner, either for hanging or within sketchbooks.


Every artist canvas from Daler-Rowney is crafted from 100% cotton with a medium grain finish and is available in several weights, such as 250gsm and 350gsm. Each plain canvas also comes triple primed, making them ready to use with oils and acrylics without any seepage.

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Mixed media

Mixed media paper and canvas presents a world of versatility for you to play with various techniques on one surface. The Daler-Rowney collections include mixed media canvas, coloured paper and card, stencil paper, Manga paper, wash boards and art therapy books.

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Drawing & Sketching Papers

Sketching and drawing paper should support all the dry techniques that creating with pencils, pens, pastels and charcoal brings. Daler-Rowney has a versatile mixture of art paper with all-purpose pads, fine and medium grain finishes and specialised paper types, too.

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Papers for Oil & Acrylic

Paper for acrylic paint and oils requires an increased amount of thickness, texture and absorption while maintaining the brightness and intensity of the colours. Daler-Rowney acrylic paper is available from both the Simply and System3 ranges, while oil painting paper can be found in the Georgian collection.

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Papers for Watercolour

The surface of watercolour paper requires both a high-quality finish and the ability to withstand repeated washes while maintaining the colour intensity. Each watercolour pad and paper selected by Daler-Rowney is made from wood pulp or cotton fibres with an acid-free finish to prevent discoloration over time.

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Coloured papers

Daler-Rowney colour paper is available across several different ranges each with their own purposes and technique suitability. Coloured paper can breathe new life into traditional ways of working, giving artists varied backdrops with which to experiment and play whether that’s in the studio, school or sketchbook.

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Sketchbooks & Artbooks

Each Daler-Rowney sketchbook & artbook is lightweight and comes in a variety of sizes, making them portable, so you can sketch from anywhere. Our art sketchbooks are available from a number of different ranges including the Ebony, Ivory, Fine Grain, Aquafine, Optima, Earthbound, Graduate and Simply.

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Specialist Papers

Whether you want to try tracing, stencilling, technical drawing, calligraphy or simply experiment with niche painting and drawing, you’ll find the art paper you need in our specialist ranges. The Graduate Series offers the most versatile selection of specialist paper.

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Tracing Paper

Tracing paper is a type of art paper that makes copying your artwork onto a different surface easy. Daler-Rowney tracing paper is lightweight and smooth with a low opacity to offer amazing transparency. It is suitable for both professional and art projects.

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A mountboard is a thin white, black or coloured card that artwork is placed inside for decorative purposes. Daler-Rowney offers a collection of high-quality, resilient and durable mountboards that are used by artists and students wishing to showcase their art beautifully.

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