Tracing Paper

Tracing paper is a type of art paper that makes copying your artwork onto a different surface easy. It is suitable for use in the studio, at school and at home and can come in handy for professional work, art projects and crafts. Daler-Rowney tracing paper is lightweight and smooth with a low opacity to offer amazing transparency.

Our tracing paper comes in pads and sheets of different sizes including A4 and A3. Tracing paper is used particularly for transferring drawings and sketches where the lines are clearly defined. Artwork with lighter marks will require the artist to go over them, adding more weight, thickness and intensity to make sure each line can be clearly seen once the tracing paper has been placed over it.

The artist should use a semi-blunt pencil, so as to not make any tears, and press firmly into the tracing paper, following the lines of their drawing or sketch. Once complete, turn the tracing paper over and secure it in place on the other surface.

Press hard onto the tracing paper over the lines and watch as a mirror image of your artwork becomes visible. Only the clear outlines should be traced, any shade work or smaller details can be replicated by the artist upon transfer.