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What are Daler-Rowney Artist Easels?

Daler-Rowney artist easels are high-quality wooden easels for artists of every ability. Offering a comprehensive range of easels that cater to both beginners and professionals, Daler-Rowney easels aim to make art accessible to all.

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Daler-Rowney produces art easels for a variety of projects, and are suitable for small to extra-large canvases. Daler-Rowney indoor and outdoor wooden easels are practical, lightweight, and sturdy enough for daily use.

One of the major appeals of Daler-Rowney art easels is the exclusive Artsphere mechanism. Allowing the seamless movement of drawing boards in any direction, the Artsphere is a feat of artistic engineering that encourages creatives to think outside the box.

Amongst Daler-Rowney’s 11 unique easels are the Lincoln table-top easel and Daler-Rowney Cotswold studio easel. Though these products offer entirely different benefits to the artist, both are ideal for day-to-day use in any workspace. The studio easel stand adjusts smoothly, and can be tilted multi-directionally to achieve a variety of canvas positions. Should you be painting in a smaller space or wish to create more delicate artwork, the table-top art easel is a lightweight solution that holds canvases and pads up to A3.

Whatever project you have in mind, Daler-Rowney’s extensive range of painting easels will make your creative vision attainable.

Tools within the Daler-Rowney artist easel range

If Daler-Rowney’s traditional Lincoln table-top easel or Cotswold studio easel is not suitable for your project, there are several alternatives available.

For watercolour specialists, the robust Lincoln lutrin easel is a perfect choice. On the other hand, an artist on the go may prefer the Daler-Rowney Edinburgh table easel stand. Specifically designed to store art tools like colours and brushes, it’s an excellent two-in-one product that is both convenient and economical.

Artists working in larger spaces may wish to opt for the Daler-Rowney St Paul’s easel stand. This painting easel allows for flawless watercolour and oil painting, and features a folding-tripod design crafted from Daler-Rowney’s signature oiled beechwood. For plein air artists who need to easily transport their work, the lightweight Daler-Rowney field easels are ideal options.

With a compact yet sturdy finish, the Daler Rowney artist easel range is guaranteed to suit any artist wishing to create bold and intuitive work. Share your work with #DalerRowney.

Features of Daler-Rowney Artist Easels

High-quality materials

Daler-Rowney painting easels are made of oiled beechwood for a long-wearing, seamless finish. Look out for our 100% FSC® (FSC-C111372) products.

Range of sizes

The variety of sizing options within the Daler-Rowney art easel range will bring any artistic project to life.

A variety of designs

Several easel designs are available to match every artistic project with its perfect counterpart.


Daler-Rowney easels are both portable and easy to store.

Ideal for small spaces

Daler-Rowney table easels are ideal for use in small spaces.

Exclusive Artsphere

Available exclusively at Daler-Rowney, this unique ball and socket mechanism allows detachable drawing boards to move in any direction.

Discover the Daler-Rowney Easel range

Explore the Daler-Rowney artist easel range in detail, and view the full collection of wooden easels to find the best match for your project. Inspiring creativity since 1783, Daler-Rowney continues to be one of the finest options for both beginners and professionals in the art world.

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