Drawing Supplies & Sketching Materials

Choosing the right drawing supplies

Daler-Rowney drawing supplies include pencils, charcoals and pastels that are perfect for both budding and expert artists looking to build their skills in dry techniques. The art supplies within each collection are crafted to the highest quality, allowing sketchers, doodlers and colourists to craft and create to their heart’s content.

From sketching to coloured pencils, our art pencils offer a wide variety of sets and combinations in an abundance of weights and colours. The range of sketching pencils allows both beginners and professionals to create depth in their drawings, with fine line pencils for detail and larger nibs for large surfaces.

Each sketching pencil is easy to erase with many sets including sketching accessories. The colouring pencils are highly pigmented and break-resistant for a strong flow of colour.

Daler-Rowney charcoal pencils and sticks are crafted from the finest willow, delivering a smooth mark and deep hue. The charcoal range is available in a variety of weights and sets that include charcoal accessories and how-to guides.

Our pastels are made with the finest pigments that are blendable, and smooth and deliver exquisite hues no matter the colour the artist chooses.


Art charcoal facilitates quick sketches because of the level of detail and depth that can be captured quickly. Our charcoal pencils and sticks produce intense black lines and deliver smooth marks. Our sets are available in a range of different sizes and weights.

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Daler-Rowney offers soft pastels, hard pastels and oil pastels within our art pastels collection. All of our pastel pens produce a velvet smooth mark and are creamy in consistency. Soft pastels blend easier than hard pastels, however hard pastels create harder, bolder marks.

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Our artist pencils and colouring pencils are pre-sharpened and ready to use. Our artist colouring pencils come in assorted hues, while our sketching pencils come in various weights. Both collections include accessories for everything you might need during your sketching or colouring session.

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Markers & Fineliners

Our artist and hobbyist markers and fineliners are ideal for writing, detailed drawing, colouring, lettering and cartoon art. The range features an assortment of bright, bold colours and nibs.

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