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Selecting the right easel stand

Daler-Rowney offers three types of artist easels and easel stands for varying types of painters and experience levels. The easels in this collection include table easels, a field easel and a box easel. Made with care, our art supplies are beautifully crafted and easy to use.

Our Simply Easel range is made for beginners and hobbyists who are just starting out on their painting and drawing journey and are looking for a good quality artist easel.

Our range of Table Easels is lightweight, portable and designed for artists who work with smaller-scale surfaces. The varying types of table easels are perfect for artists who prefer to work from a desk or risen surface.

Our selection of Studio Easels is made to be used in a studio or art class space. Each Studio Easel is fully adjustable so the artist can either sit or stand as they draw their subject.

Outdoor, or plein-air, artists will find a lightweight and easy-to-carry artist easel to suit them in our Field Easel collection. This sleek set of easels has all been crafted to make setting up in a natural spot of the artist’s choosing simple and comfortable.

Each art easel from Daler-Rowney has been made to be as collapsible and compact as possible, so artists can store them in tight places and paint or draw with a sturdy easel when they are feeling creative.

Field Easels

Daler-Rowney field easels are portable, lightweight and easy to store, making it convenient for outdoor artists to set off and set up their open air studio. Artists who prefer a wooden easel will see that most of the easels in this range are crafted from featherlight oiled beechwood.

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Studio Easels

Daler-Rowney Studio Easels showcase professional craftsmanship in their design, using high-quality oiled beechwood to create the smooth and sturdy finish. Each painting easel is foldable, lightweight, portable and as compact as possible so as to slip seamlessly into your home or studio space.

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Table Easels

A table top easel, or desktop easel, is ideal for artists who have limited space in their home or studio as they accommodate smaller scale pieces. Daler-Rowney’s collection of table top easels are lightweight, compact and easy to store, so you can easily move them to different worktops.

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