Table Top Easel

A tabletop easel, or desktop easel, is ideal for artists who have limited space in their home or studio as they accommodate smaller scale pieces or for artists who prefer to work from a risen surface. They are designed to easily fit atop a desk or work surface if there isn’t enough room for an easel stand. Daler-Rowney’s collection of tabletop easels are lightweight, compact and easy to store, so you can move them to different worktops without any trouble and stow them away without anyone noticing.

Within our desktop easel selection, we have a Lutrin easel, an H-frame table easel, the Edinburgh box table easel and the exclusive Artsphere, which showcases a unique ball and socket joint that you can adjust to a host of various angles and positions.

The Edinburgh box table easel has an added compartment to store your art supplies, like brushes and colours. Our Simply Easels range also has two types of table easels that are suitable for beginners and hobbyists who are learning how to use an easel or just starting their art journey.

While desktop easels can only hold smaller canvases and paper pads, the Daler-Rowney table easels can hold up to A3 size. Each type can also be adjusted to fit the unique height specifications of the piece you’re working on.