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What are Expression Brushes?

The Daler-Rowney Expression brushes collection is a collection of stunning tools for artists of all levels. Made with a premium blend of natural and synthetic fibres. The Expression brushes collection is an ideal choice for artists working extensively in mixed media. 

Daler-Rowney Expression Brushes

Daler-Rowney Expression brushes are designed with the needs of the artist in mind. Each Expression brush is built with ergonomic handles which are specifically engineered to prevent the fatigue that comes with careful and intentional paintwork. As some artistic projects require hours of focus with little opportunity to rest, artists are sure to appreciate the comfortable grip of all Daler-Rowney Expression brushes. 

The famous ergonomic handle seen on each of the Expression brushes is particularly suited to artists affected by arthritis or carpal tunnel. Aiming to take the pressure and strain off the hand, Daler-Rowney synthetic brushes seek to make art inclusive for all. 

Alongside the unique balanced handle on Daler-Rowney expression brushes, each of Daler-Rowney’s mixed media brushes also has a controlled spring and fine point. Daler-Rowney Expression brushes combine an exceptional collection of filament thicknesses, allowing the artist ultimate control over their medium of choice.

Though Daler-Rowney Expression brushes are useful tools for professional artists, they are also an excellent choice for amateur artists who prefer to paint for leisure. Exceptionally easy to use and grip, decorative painters of all ages should eagerly welcome any of the user-friendly Expression brushes into their toolkit. 

Tools within the Daler-Rowney Expression collection

Offering artists everything from fan brushes to delicate retouching tips, the Expression collection covers everything needed for successful mixed media work. 

One of the most popular items within the Expression brushes collection is the Daler-Rowney Expression SH Liner E51 Brush. Perfectly tapered for detail work, this is a brush that every decorative painter should have in their arsenal.

Features of Expression brushes

Ergonomic handle

Each tool in the Daler-Rowney Expression brushes collection comes with an ergonomic handle, which prevents fatigue even after hours of painting.

Comfortable grip

The round handle on each Daler-Rowney synthetic brush offers an exceedingly comfortable grip.

Mixed fibres

Daler-Rowney Expression brushes feature a stunning blend of synthetic and natural hairs for the ultimate in quality.

Controlled spring and fine point

Perfectly tapered, all Daler-Rowney mixed media brushes provide a controlled spring and fine point that will suit any project.

Perfect for watercolour and mixed media

Daler-Rowney Expression brushes are ideal for watercolour and mixed media work.

Handmade brushes designed in England

Each of the Expression brushes within the Daler-Rowney collection are designed in England for an authentic touch and high-quality feel.

Discover the Daler-Rowney Expression collection

Explore the Daler-Rowney Expression collection in detail before embarking on your next mixed media project. Offering artists unparalleled support and control over their work, Expression brushes remain one of the finest choices for decorative painters around the world.

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