Screen Printing Ink & Paint

To create the perfect screen print the first time round you need well-made art materials. Daler-Rowney screen printing ink that is strong, pigmented and smooth. Daley-Rowney screen printing ink is crafted to do just that. Our screen printing paint is safe, solvent-free and an ideal alternative to traditional oil-based inks, with many screen printers turning to our ink for its consistency and quality. For the most intense colour across your prints, use our screen printing paint straight from the pot.

However, if you’re working on a bigger piece, you can mix our screen printing ink medium with the ink to thin it out and make it go further. Our screen printing paint formulation has been specifically designed to allow for a longer working time and with the smoothest consistency to avoid blocking during print runs.

You’re also not glued to one material either; our screen printing paint delivers the same rich hues across paper, card and board depending on your preference. The versatility doesn’t stop there; if acrylic paint is your medium of choice, you can use the screen printing medium to turn acrylic paint into vibrant screen printing inks.

Likewise, the textile screen printing medium – when mixed with acrylic paint – is suitable for screen printing onto fabric without losing the intensity of the colour.