A must have for any artist’s tool box, Luma by Daler-Rowney is a high opacity bleed proof white watercolour. Luma Bleed Proof White stays brilliantly white when used to add highlights to drawings and illustrations or for covering small mistakes.

  • High opacity watercolour.
  • Dilutable with water.
  • Suitable for brushes and dip pens.
  • Made in England.

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Daler-Rowney Luma Bleed-Proof ink is a very opaque watercolour that stays brilliantly white when used to cover dyes, designers colors, markers, etc. It is excellent for highlights, blocking out areas and applying finishing touches. Luma Ink can be thinned with water. It is an excellent product used for mixing with gouache and watercolours to clean up edges in paintings. These opaque water-soluble art supplies have been a staple in the supply boxes of artists and designers for many years.