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How to use Aquafine Ink with Alice Coles

Meet artist Alice Coles from Colorado and follow the creation of "Electric Pool" created in Aquafine Ink. 

This piece was inspired by a dreamlike, hazy summer day with hot clouds, cold pool water, and bright vivid colours. ⁠Alice wanted to create juxtaposition both in the visual imagery between the figure’s expression and the colours and textures around her but also in the visual techniques she used.⁠ This artwork took weeks of work on and off, which made Aquafine Ink perfect since they re-wet after drying with no problem.⁠⠀

Enjoy her step-by-step process in the video and gain some tips and tricks from Alice.

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Alice Coles is an artist based in Colorado. She paints mostly in watercolours and runs live online beginner's paint classes.