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FILA Group Policies

In 2016, Daler-Rowney joined the FILA Group. FILA is proudly Italian and the group reaches 150 countries on 5 continents. They have built their history on their passion for art and creativity, making the concepts of coherence and transparency guiding principles that they have never ceased to follow.

This page informs you of the FILA Group Policies that Daler-Rowney adheres to. 

  1. FILA Group Sustainability Policy - download here.
  2. FILA Group Health & Safety Policy - download here.
  3. FILA Group Product & Process Development Policy - download here.
  4. FILA Group Environmental Policy - download here.
  5. FILA Group Human Rights & Labour Policy - download here.
  6. FILA Group Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy - download here.
  7. FILA Group Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Policy - download here.
  8. FILA Group Business Development Policy - download here.
  9. FILA Group Responsible Lobbying Practises Policy - download here.
  10. FILA Group Stakeholder Engagement Policy - download here.
  11. FILA Group Responsible Marketing & Communication Policy - download here.
  12. FILA Group Skills Development Policy - download here.
  13. FILA Group Tax Compliance Policy - download here.
  14. FILA Group Energy Saving Policy - download here.
  15. FILA Group Sustainable Procurement Policy - download here.
  16. FILA Group IT System Policy - download here.
  17. FILA Group IT Security Policy - download here.

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