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What is the Adigraf Block Printing collection?

The Daler-Rowney Adigraf range specialises in a variety of tools to support all block & lino printing needs. Block printing is one of the oldest and most versatile art techniques in the world.

Adigraf Professional offers high-quality artist tools to cover any lino or block printing artist’s needs. They are highly durable and comfortable to use. Elegant tools designed to be used with high-quality inks to support artists create fantastic prints!

Adigraf Accessories are a perfect starting point for artists looking to experiment with lino printing. The range covers all accessories and mediums needed for any level artist. The mediums allow Daler-Rowney Colours to be used with lino printing and give a wide array of colours for experimenting printers.

Extensive range

Adigraf's extensive range of cutters, mediums, plates, rollers and accessories are ideal for beginner and accomplished artists.

Complementary products

Adigraf Mediums are specifically engineered to complement Daler-Rowney’s colours for an integrated user experience.


Comprehensive yet affordable, Adigraf mediums and accessories are the perfect choice for graduates, professionals and beginners.

Explore the Adigraf Printmaking range

Explore the Adigraf range in detail, and discover how our printmaking block printing tools & accessories elevate your artwork. Not only do Adigraf products inspire creativity, but they remain one of the most reliable options for those looking for high-quality block printing art tools.