Artist Paint Brushes & Palette Knives

Selecting the right art supplies

High-quality art paint brushes are one of the most important art supplies in an artists’ trade. Their design and manufacture demands precision, patience and skill. Therefore you can rest assured that every Daler-Rowney paintbrush is designed to meet the requirements of discerning artists. Each artist's paintbrush is made from the finest materials, individually hand-crafted from start to finish by brush-makers.

Fine art painters and decorative artists can select from compact but comprehensive ranges including varying head and handle shapes and sizes, offering excellent choices for all techniques and abilities. There are eight main types of brush shapes, each suited to different types of techniques and detail levels. Each type of paintbrush has also been designed to suit a certain type of medium, too, such as oil brushes, acrylic brushes and watercolour brushes, so you can paint everything from precision details to sweeping washes with ease.

If you prefer to make expressive shapes, distinctive lines and 3D textures, a palette knife should also be among your art tools. Our professional palette knives are crafted using hand-forged steel, with flexible blades in a variety of sizes, delivering exquisite craftsmanship and comfortable use. Beginners who wish to experiment with palette knives will find easier-to-use styles in the Simply range, allowing budding artists to become accustomed to the many techniques that a palette knife can bring.

Acrylic Brushes

Daler-Rowney acrylic paint brushes are stiff and resilient to manipulate the heavy-body colour, mixture and application of acrylic paints. From detailing to background strokes, the sizes and shapes of our acrylic paint brush sets have been specially picked to suit every kind of brushstroke.

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Oil Brushes

Oil paint brushes require durability, control and colour holding for smooth, flexible strokes. Daler-Rowney offers a mixture of soft brush heads and stiffer bristles in both natural and synthetic hair. Our Georgian Oil and Simply Oil paint brush sets are the best brushes for oil painting.

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Watercolour Brushes

Our watercolour paint brushes have been carefully designed to provide artists of all abilities with the most comprehensive choice of shapes and sizes for their watercolour painting. The brush heads are soft, using a mixture of both synthetic and natural hair and a combination of short and long handles.

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Mixed Media Brushes

Our mixed media artist paint brushes combine all kinds of brush heads and hairs for collections that suit every kind of stroke and medium. From soft brush heads for detailing to thick art brushes for washes, each artist brush set contains an art brush to give you maximum control.

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Palette Knives

A palette knife allows the artist to apply all kinds of unique techniques to their paintings like impasto, sharp lines and expressive shapes. Within our collections, you’ll find palette knives for both beginners and more experienced artists who need an artist palette knife or a set to suit their needs.

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