A mountboard is a thin white, black or coloured card that artwork is placed inside for decorative purposes. Using an art frame mount presents artwork professionally, creating a clean and crisp finish. Daler-Rowney offers a collection of high-quality, resilient and durable mountboards that are used by artists and students wishing to showcase their art beautifully.

Many of our mountboards adhere to the Fine Art Trade Guild requirements, advancing them to a superior standard in the industry and making them suitable for use in projects, competitions and for selling purposes. 

The surface paper is the very-most top of the mountboard, the backing is the reverse and the core is the thick ridge or bevelled edge that can be seen in between the outer board and the artwork. Each of these components can be plain or coloured depending on how the owner would like to frame the artwork. Most of our mountboards are crafted from either virgin wood pulp or 100% recycled fibres.

Our Graduate mountboards are available in 15 different colours so artists can make their artwork shine in the colour that suits the masterpiece the most. The Self-Adhesive Boards make framing quick and easy and are most suited to mounting lightweight prints and photographs.