Watercolour Paint

Watercolour paint is applied in a more thin, diluted state than most art materials, delivering delicate washes, free-flowing colours and rarely opaque tones. Due to the translucency of the delivery, watercolours can appear luminous. Watercolour paint is best supported by high-quality heavyweight paper to support the added liquid. Our watercolour brushes are crafted from soft natural and synthetic hair in a range of shapes and sizes for smooth application and versatility.

There are three Daler-Rowney art supply watercolour ranges that come in either a watercolour palette, half pan or tube: Simply, Aquafine and Artists’. The Simply range is the ideal starting point for budding artists, hobbyists, and students looking to experiment with watercolours. 

Amateur and seasoned watercolourists alike will find rich colours and excellent working qualities in the Aquafine watercolour paint. And finally, Artists’ watercolours provide professionals with vibrant free-flowing colours for a brilliant performance. The fun doesn’t stop there; Daler-Rowney supplies mediums that are made to be added either to the watercolour paint directly or to the painting itself to enhance your watercolour painting by increasing the drying time, adding gloss or improving flow.

Artists can also add more gum agents to watercolour paint to gain heightened control over the movement of the colour and avoid bleeding.