Graduate XL Brushes

Daler-Rowney Graduate XL paint brushes bring a unique and comprehensive answer to all artists and students looking for large-format painting. Ideal for murals.

  • 3 blends of hair are available.
  • Ideal for oil and acrylic.
  • Extra large paintbrushes.
  • Recommended for large surface paintings and murals.

Ideal brushes for oil and acrylic.

Daler-Rowney Graduate XL brushes are an extension of the bestselling Graduate range. Graduate XL brings a unique and comprehensive artist-quality answer to the growing market for large format painting. Ideally suited for applications such as large canvases, indoor & outdoor murals and home decoration, these oversized Graduate XL brushes are suitable for traditional, mixed media & urban techniques.

3 blends of hair are available.

The range features 3 blends of hair, soft gold synthetic for fluid colour, water-based paint, large area washes & smooth surfaces, stiff burgundy synthetic for heavy body colour, impasto & rough surfaces and natural bristle primarily for oil but also gesso & varnish on all surfaces.