Watercolour Paper

The surface of watercolour paper plays an integral part in the finish of the painting, requiring both a high-quality finish and the ability to withstand repeated washes while making the colours dazzle. Each watercolour pad and art paper selected by Daler-Rowney is made from wood pulp or cotton fibres with an acid-free finish to prevent discolouration over time. Our watercolour paper is available from three of the Daler-Rowney ranges: Simply, Aquafine and The Langton.

Simply watercolour paper has a weight of 190gsm with a medium-grain finish and is suitable for beginners and students who are started out with watercolour painting. This range is available in both watercolour pads of A3 and A4 with 12 sheets in each and can also be used for gouache, drawing and sketching.

The Aquafine watercolour paper range is crafted from pure wood pulp with a thickness of 300gsm, which is ideal for water absorbency. It has a hard surface for erasability and is buffered with calcium carbonate. Aquafine watercolour paper is better suited to artists who prefer to work in mainly dry watercolour techniques, as this paper best supports this approach.

The Langton range offers two types of watercolour paper. The high-quality collection is colour-stable, mould-made and acid-free, while the superior-quality Prestige collection is crafted from pure cotton and is used by professionals and advanced students.