Oil Paint Brushes

Oil paint brushes require durability, control and colour holding for smooth, flexible strokes. Daler-Rowney offers a mixture of soft paintbrush heads and stiffer bristles in both natural and synthetic hair. Soft sable brushes are suited to fine art and detailing techniques such as those used in portraiture, while harder bristles like Chungking hog are more resilient, allowing artists to apply the oil paint in much thicker quantities, ideal for backgrounds and larger surface work.

Within our collections, you will find oil paint brushes of all shapes and sizes, including round, flat and fanned brush heads that are more suited to oil painting.

Our handles come in both short for added control when touching up or long for large, sweeping strokes. Each one has been designed ergonomically, so you can paint comfortably throughout the day. Our Georgian Oil and Simply Oil sets are the best brushes for oil painting, while some of our more versatile paint brush sets, like our Dalon and Sapphire brushes, can also be used with acrylic and watercolour paints.

The Simply collection has been designed for beginners who want to try their hand at oil painting, while our Graduate range is made for students and experimentalists. Our Graduate XL range has been designed for large oil canvases, long surfaces and mural painting.