Coloured Art Papers

Our coloured art paper breathes new life into traditional ways of working, giving artists vibrant, cool and warm backdrops with which to experiment and play. Daler-Rowney colour paper is available across several different ranges each with its own purposes and technique suitability. Whether in the professional design studio, the school art room or within sketchbooks, our coloured paper is super versatile and made for artists of all abilities.

Our Simply Colour Paper consists of gummed pads of lightweight paper that can be peeled out. The bright assorted colours are ideal for drawing, collage and scrapbooking, perfect for students who like arts and crafts. The Canford Colour Paper and Card is similar to the Simply range but is available in thicker weights, a wider range of colours and comes in either a pad or sheets.

This high-quality, easy-to-cut coloured paper can be used in both presentations and to display artwork but works just as well for use in craft projects. Murano coloured paper has a weight of 160gsm, and is crafted from 45% cotton for a luxurious feel and a naturally textured surface. This range is presented in pads of neutral, warm and cool tones and is best for charcoal, pastel and pencil work.

For pastel workers, our Ingres paper comes in both assorted whites and assorted colours. The textured paper lies within spiralled pads and is separated by blank paper to protect each sheet.